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SWP100 Sediment Probe

The SWP100 is a compact, reciprocal, low frequency transducer that operates as a source or receiver of acoustic shear waves. This transducer generates or receives horizontally polarized acoustic shear (SH-type) waves in ocean sediments without generating unwanted compressional (P-type) waves in the far field. It is constructed with a thin piezoceramic acoustic element configured for maximum receive sensitivity and transmitting response. This element is encapsulated in a high strength housing assembly constructed of stainless steel. The integral preamplifier housing contains a low noise, 40 dB gain preamplifier and an electrical underwater bulkhead connector for easy cable connection. Proven in numerous U. S. Navy tests the SWP100 has a small cross section to provide maximum protection for the piezoceramic element when inserted into the sediment.


  • Geophysical exploration
  • Ocean sediment characterization
  • Measurement of acoustic shear wave sound speed and attenuation in ocean bottom and test tank sediments.

Operating frequency (resonance): 2 kHz
Maximum voltage input: 100 VRMS
Maximum operating depth: 2000 m
Temperature range: 0 - 30 ° C
Maximum insertion length: 37 cm
Overall length: 65 cm
Weight (in-air): 3 kg

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